Nest Nemesis

This is the official site for the game Nest Nemesis. It is not continously updated. So if you're looking for cutting edge information then, please download the latest version of nenem and have a look at the README and INSTALL files. That's where you'll find the latest news, updates, etc. You will also need the levelreader-library to compile the game.

Nest Nemesis is a game based on the idea that being a bird could be challanging and fun. In the game, you are required to control your bird to do all the every-day-stuff and non-every-day-stuff a bird has to do. How about doing a vertical dive until you reach terminal velocity, crash into the water, grab a fish and fly back up to your nest again carrying the fish.

Now, don't blow up the expectations, just yet. The game is in a beta stage, which means that it is not only boring to play, it is rather difficult to install. At the time of writing, the game has no missions and a really boring computer opponent. Basically, what is done is the control of the bird and how it flies through the scenery. An experienced game-programmer might realize that, that may mean that most of it is done. Well, it's not really, but I like to think of it that way :)

Here's a screenshot of the game. More screenshots here.

If you're a programmer or have a graphics talent, and you would like to help, please do! Just send me an email, I haven't really got any feedback at all on this game (except for friends that is), so all comments are welcome.

Elias Jarlebring (jarl[remove-this-bracket]